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Age is No Barrier: Learning to Drive at a High Wycombe Driving School

It may come as a surprise to many, but there are a number of older people who are only now beginning to learn how to drive. Much of it stems from the fact that many in this group could only recently afford to buy a car. Finally getting one’s own car is a good motivation to learn how to drive, but there are also other reasons why many older adults are only now taking lessons in a good driving school in High Wycombe.

Learning Drive

A lot of these reasons have to do with finances. Cars are an expensive privilege and have plenty of attached expenses, like gas and maintenance. Sharon Lougher, a deputy editor for the London Metro, talks about the costs that have delayed some people from learning how to drive:

“There’s also, of course, the cost of the lessons themselves. In London, a driving lesson will cost on average £26 per hour – and the number of hours a typical 17-year-old will need to pass their test is between 40 and 44, according to the Driving Standards Agency.

‘This is not good news for a cash-strapped teenager but is more affordable later in life with regular income,’ says Olivia Baldock, training and professional development manager for the Driving Instructors Association. ‘In addition to this, the cost of permits every year for on-street parking in London can be a small fortune when the family car is only being used on average a couple of times a week.’”

Another reason for learning to drive later in life is the increased confidence in oneself. Quite a few late blooming drivers hesitated in taking up driving when they were younger because they thought they would not be able to handle the task, both financially and mentally. True enough, it has been noted that younger people have a tendency to take risks behind the wheel, while older drivers are more careful. Experts say this is because the brain only fully develops risk evaluation skills after the age of 25.

Fortunately for those seeking late in life to learn the art of driving, there are quite a few excellent driving schools in High Wycombe, like the Rookie Driver School of Motoring. These establishments have well-trained and highly qualified instructors who know how to motivate newbies of any age. After all, a good teacher and a positive attitude are all that a person needs to become a skilled driver.

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