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Driving in Bad Conditions: Benefits of Driving Lessons in High Wycombe

As anyone who has taken formal driving lessons in High Wycombe will tell you, it is not advisable to go through flooded streets, as this can cause auto malfunctions and safety concerns. However, there are occasions when this cannot be avoided and may be the only way to get you to where you are going, or to the safety of a shelter. An article on discusses some important reminders and pointers on driving through floods.

“Don’t push on recklessly when floodwater blocks your route. Stop, assess the situation and never cross water that’s over 25cm deep. Anything deeper than that can be harmful. Flooded roads are deeper than they look, whilst dips and rough terrain can often be hidden by water.”

The article further advises motorists to drive slowly:

“Keep at the side of the road where there’s less water and crawl through in first gear. Release the clutch slightly throughout to keep your revs up, as this prevents harmful water entering the exhaust pipe.

Never stop the car, as this increases the likelihood of getting stuck and always apply the brakes after leaving the flooded road to clear any water that might otherwise stop them from working properly.

Driving fast in flooded conditions often takes control away from the driver. This is called aquaplaning, where the tyres lose grip and the steering becomes less responsive.”

It is important to note that these driving tips do not completely ensure the driver’s safety and should be made only as last resort precautions if driving in such a weather is unavoidable. It is also imperative to exercise caution when driving regardless of the weather. When taking driving lessons, student drivers are taught first to drive defensively and be cautious in whatever they do when behind the steering wheel.

uk floods 2014

Awareness of the vehicle and of the surroundings are paramount lessons taught to beginners. When you are attuned to the conditions of the car, you can exercise better caution in your driving and will know when it is a good time to pull over and check the condition of your car.

Emergency situations such as driving through floods also highlight the need for an excellent early training in driving. With a good basic training, you can work your way up to driving in more complicated surroundings, such as through rugged terrains, and even flooded streets if necessary. These make high-quality driving lessons in High Wycombe, such as those provided by Rookie Driver, necessary for all beginners.

(Source: UK floods 2014: Top tips for drivers,, 18 Feb, 2014 )

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