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Driving for Life: Driving School in High Wycombe Teaches Safe Habits

One of the most fundamental lessons that driving instructors in High Wycombe and elsewhere give their students involves safety in driving. In fact, reputable driving schools, such as Rookie Driver, start student drivers off with simulated computer lessons before an actual hands-on lesson. As students develop their driving skills, so too must they be made more aware of safety measures in driving.

texting at wheel kills more teenagers every year than drink-driving

It thus comes as no surprise that many driving instructors around the world advocate stiffer penalties for such offenses as texting while driving. Texting while driving is quite an important issue that needs to be tackled, as statistics show this has become a major cause of accidents especially among teen drivers. As Suzannah Hills reports on The Daily Mail online, the problem has been growing in the UK over the last few years:

“A new fixed penalty of a £90 fine plus three points will also be introduced for careless driving such as cutting up other drivers, tailgating, middle-lane hogging, eating a sandwich or lighting a cigarette at the wheel, or driving at an inappropriate speed.

But the number of penalty points offenders receive on their licence will remain at three, sparking criticism that the penalties need to go further.

There had been calls for the 150,000 or more drivers a year convicted of offences involving mobile phones to incur a six-point penalty.

More than a million motorists have been convicted of using a hand-held mobile phone behind the wheel since 2003, with a peak of 161,096 convictions in 2010.”

Texting while driving is dangerous because it causes the driver to lose his attention on the road. Some statistics indicate that close to 70% of drivers check and text on their phones while driving, and of these, 21% suffer car crashes as a result. Texting at the wheel can, in fact, cause the driver’s attention to drop by 79%, which is seven times more than the attention loss experienced by someone driving within the drink-drive limit.

A responsible driving school in High Wycombe will not only teach basic driving skills and observance of road regulations; it will also train students on basic safety measures while driving. These include giving their full attention to the road and their task behind the wheel. The goal of responsible instructors, after all, is to teach students not just to pass the tests, but to drive confidently in the real world with its real dangers.

(Source: Texting at the wheel kills more teenagers every year than drink-driving, study reveals Daily Mail UK, 10 May, 2013 )

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