Pupil Handouts

We provide free lesson handouts as a recap for the lesson just given or in preparation of the next skill to be mastered. These handouts are also a helpful resource for home practice providing simple step by step instructions.

Free pick up from Home School or Work

We are more than happy to pick you up from home, school or work and drop you off anywhere locally at the end of the lesson.

Free Theory and Hazard Perception On-Line Training

We have everything you need to prepare for and pass your driving theory test. Every student of Rookie Driver is given access to The Rookie Driver Learning Zone where you can take practice tests using official up to date questions from the DSA theory bank. You can practice your hazard perception using official video clips and check your progress at a glance with easy to read graphs.

Your driving instructor is able to monitor your progress and give expert assistance where required. For students whose 1st language is not English the practice tests can be taken in over 40 different languages which makes the process much easier as they can study and practice in their familiar language.

Click here to join our online Theory and Hazard perception Training.

Free Mock Test

Towards the end of your practical training your instructor will carry out free of charge a 40 minute mock practical test covering the same syllabus as the Driving Standards Agency. This uncovers any weak area which can be worked on before the actual test takes place. We feel it is essential to prepare the pupil for the practical test as the atmosphere in the car will be significantly different to that of a normal lesson.

Advanced In-Car training Techniques

In addition to the normal instructor training book Rookie Driver School of Motoring embraces modern technology with the use of in-car lap top and DVD training. Our DVD contains 43 animated video clips showing key parts of the syllabus, including all the reversing manoeuvres in real time motion. This method of training is particularly helpful as pupils can see the manoeuvres taking place whilst the instructor explains the actions they should take.

Many new pupils have difficulty learning the push pull method of steering. We have found that use of our clip on trainer steering wheel gives pupils the opportunity to develop their steering skills and build confidence whilst the vehicle is stationary.

Our model clutch demonstrator enables the pupil to understand the mechanics of the clutch operating system. The model clutch illustrates clutch free play and the biting point.

Home Practice

The Driving Standards Agency states that the average learner will need at least 44 hours of professional teaching and 22 hours of home practice.

A large amount of the driving techniques used today may differ to the way you were taught. It is therefore very important that the pupil is not confused by two differing teaching methods.

Here at Rookie Driver we very much welcome home practice and therefore we offer free of charge a driving assessment to ensure that you are indeed using the most up-to-date methods. We will then give you a demonstration drive to show the standard required to pass the test and acquire safe driving skills for life. This free of charge support will continue throughout the training and we actively encourage your involvement. We are happy for you to accompany the pupil in the car whilst they are having a professional lesson and should you have any questions at any time we are always available to speak to you on the phone.

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