Practical Test

According to the DSA those who pass their driving test have had an average 45 hours of professional training and 22 hours of private practice. Your practical test will begin with the examiner checking your paperwork and carrying out an eye sight check. You will then be asked some vehicle safety checks known as “Show me tell me” questions.

The driving part of your test will last approximately 40 mins and your examiner will be looking for an overall high and safe standard of driving particularly when carrying out manoeuvres.

During the test the examiner will ask you to drive to a specific destination. This part of the test is called Independent Driving. You may be offered a diagram or map or be asked to follow a sequence of road signs and/or directions. This part of the test lasts about 10 mins. Don’t worry if you do not follow the directions exactly – the examiner is looking for safe driving and lane discipline.

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